ImagiLIVE is a service of Zone38.
Zone38 refers to the administrator of and
User refers to the person who sends images to ImagiLIVE.

Term of Use

  • The user is responsible for these images. Zone38 controls the images on a regular basis, but can't be responsible for the abuses resulting from usage of ImagiLIVE.
  • The user can't use InmagiLIVE in a commercial goal. This means that no user has the right to be paid to allow access to images on ImagiLIVE.
  • Zone38 doesn't know all existing licences on images. In fact, Zone38 can't be reponsible of these images. But if you send us a justified complaint for an image, Zone38 will delete immediatly this file.
  • The IP address of the user is conserved by Zone38 for three years, according the French laws. ImagiLIVE is declared to the CNIL (French organization to private life protection) under the number 1175629.
  • Zone38 can't be helt responsible for the presence of an image in the "Best Prictures" section if the "Private" case hasn't be checked.
  • The user accepts that any picture where the "Private" case hasn't be checked can be used for the promotion of ImagiLIVE and Zone38.
  • Any pornographic image where the "Adult" case hasn't be checked will be deleted.
  • Any image which doesn't respect the French laws, and applyed laws in the user's country will be immediatly deleted. The user exposes himself to complaint to the competent legal office.
  • Any image which makes traffic grather than 20MB/hours will be deleted.
  • Zone38 isn't reponsible of any damage resulting in the usage of ImagiLIVE.
  • Zone38 reserves the right to delete any image that doesn't respect the presents rules, or juged inappropriate or opposed to his interest, and that, without advert the user.
  • ImagiLIVE is free to use, and for this reason, Zone38 can't be obliged to any obligation of result.
  • These Term of Use are subject to change without any notice.